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Oct. 8th, 2011

Steampunk, Wilhelm, Victorian

In Memoriam

Sep. 14th, 2011

Steampunk, Wilhelm, Victorian

iCogs and eCogs: Embalages for your portable calculation devices (iPad case)!

Dear ladies and gentlemen:

This is your old friend, Admiral J.
again. I shamelessly intervene in your daily social
activities to bring you the latest news on fashionable wear for your
portable computation devices!  (Moderators have received
corresponding bribe of tea and crumpets, I presume. My apologies, I do
not handle Opium or Laudanum for religious reasons).

The reason for my
jubilation, ladies and gentlemen, is that I have just released the iCog
wooden case for the iPad® 2.  In full Steampunk
fashion, this device evokes the steam-powered machinery that we all
love so much.  As you have noted in other fora, I have taken a
penchant for using Greek names for my tablet and Smartphone protectors,
but to be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I have done so! Well, I

“Igor, Pull the switch! And Elizabeth my dear… Elizabeth… Elizabeth… Frankenstania!! Ah! Hello my dear,
would you please raise the curtain? Thank you…

*Victorian elevator music plays in the background*

J. Wilhelm's iCog
embalage (case) for the iPad (R) 2

"iPad (R)" is a registered trademark of
Apple Inc. / "iCog Dionaea (TM)" is a trademark of John William Dunn

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Jun. 22nd, 2011

Steampunk, Wilhelm, Victorian

Adm. J. Wilhelm is back at Livejournal with news from the front!

Dear Ladies and Esteemed Gentlemen:

I'm afraid I have been missing from the Livejournal community for quite some time. 

But as you may have guessed - and  I must warn you - I have not been inactive at all during this period of time.  No! Not at all dear ladies and gentlemen!  I have been earning my golden gears floating around our anachronistic skies!  I have news from the front and photographic Daguerrotypes to share with you!  Most notably I can expound on the re-emergence of Steampunk in Texas in the form of the Texas Steampunks forum, as well as the exciting emergence of the "Anachronistic Arts" south of the border by way of the Steampunk Mexico forum, and last but not least, I have to present the latest exciting fabrications from my Victorian Steam Calculation Engine Co. such as the iCog Dione (TM) embalage for the iPhone (R) 4!!

Members of Steampunk Mexico at the Cronopia convention in Guadalajara, Mexico this weekend:
Mexican Steampunks having fun at the Cronopia convention

J. Wilhelm's iCog Dione (TM)  embalage for the iPhone (R) 4:
J. Wilhelm's "iCog Dione (TM)"

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Nov. 22nd, 2009

Steampunk, Wilhelm, Victorian

Thar be Calculation Engines 'n Austin

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen:

I thought I should introduce myself to the Austin group. My name is John "Wilhelm" Dunn. I've barely discovered your group (including Seaholm Steam and Diesel) since last week. I don't know if I can be considered a Steampunker (I don't dress up or follow the lifestyle), but I am definetely involved in the manufacture of items that fit the category ;D. This is an endeavor I just started as an additional enterprise, mostly out of severe need for financial supplement due to the fact that I am an unemployed aerospace aeronautical engineer. Anyone in need of air-worthy vessels?

To give a you a spoiler, here I present my "Calculation Engines," of which I thought that Austin is a natural place to produce these type of artifacts:

I look forward to meeting you all.


J. Wilhelm
(“J_Wilhelm” in LJ, have patience with me, never used LJ before until today….I’m setting up)

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